Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. When handling personal information, the publisher of this website (the “Publisher”) hereby pledges to strictly adhere to the obligations under the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, including this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”).

2. The Publisher shall use the personal information within the scope of the purposes listed below, unless permitted as an exception by law, upon prior consent of the individual (the “User(s)”) to the specification of the purpose of use of the personal information to the greatest extent possible.
The term “User(s)” shall mean a specific individual identified by the personal information, and the same shall apply hereinafter:

(a) Providing information on the services used by the User;

(b) Giving notice regarding new products, services, benefits, and other relevant information handled by the Publisher;

(c) To publish an e-zine accompanied by the Publisher / third party’s advertisements;

(d) To respond to the User’s questions and inquiries;

(e) To contact the User;

(f) For use in the improvement of products and services handled by the Publisher and/or for development of new services; and

(g) For use in preparing statistical data regarding the services provided by the Publisher, processed into a format that cannot be used to identify specific individuals.

3. When acquiring personal information, the Publisher shall use fair and proper means, and shall either publish the purpose of use of such information in advance, or notify the User of or publish such purpose promptly after acquiring such information . Provided, however, in cases where personal information is obtained directly from the User in writing (including information recorded in the form of electromagnetic records), the Publisher shall clearly state the purpose of use of such information beforehand.
It should be noted that the Publisher may acquire personal information in the following ways:

- Via the information entered by the User into a form on a website specified by the publisher;

- Via the information entered by the User into a form of automatically delivered mail registration on a website operated by the Publisher;

- Via the information provided by the User in asking questions, making inquiries or replying to the questionnaire regarding the products and services provided by the Publisher; and

- Through provision of services to the User.

4. The Publisher strives to keep the personal data it handles accurate and up-to-date within the purposes of use, take necessary and appropriate measures for safe management, and furnish its employees and contractors handling such personal information with appropriate guidance and supervision.

5. The Publisher shall not provide any personal data to any third party without obtaining the prior consent of the User unless it is treated as an exception under the laws and regulations.

6. With respect to the retained personal data, and in compliance with laws and regulations, the Publisher shall put the matters designated by law in an accessible condition for the User (such condition includes cases where a response is made without delay at the request of the User). In addition, if the User requests the disclosure or correction of its personal data held by the Publisher, the Publisher shall respond to such request.

7. The Publisher shall make efforts to deal with and establish a system that responds to the Users’ complaints against its handling of personal information in an appropriate and prompt manner.

8. The publisher shall endeavor to continually improve its policy regarding protection of personal information including this Policy, for example, by conducting appropriate internal checks on personal information handled.

9. Data transmission over the Internet is not always safe. The User shall transmit personal information at the User’s own risk, upon agreement with the terms and conditions of this Policy.

[About Access Log File]
The Publisher shall use the access log file to investigate the use trends of the users.
While the Publisher is able to obtain statistical site usage information on IP addresses and/or referrer information accordingly, it shall not use them for collection or analysis of personal information.

[About Cookies]

A cookie is a function that allows transmission of a small file of data from a web server to the users’ browsers to be stored on the local hard disk, and that enables the users to view the contents of such data. By using cookies, information on the users’ specific site visits can be stored, which makes web use more useful. The use of cookies has become the industry standard, and they are used on many sites for the purpose of providing useful functions to users. In addition, cookies are not functions that can individually identify the users.

The publisher may use cookies in order to:

- Amend or abolish the contents in order to achieve better user satisfaction, as well as to provide customized services to individual users, and to,

- Analyze what kinds of services are of interest to the users and to realize effective advertising exposure on the site.


This Policy has been created in Japanese and other languages. In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the languages used in this Policy, the Japanese version shall prevail in all respects.